New World Animal Rescue Charitable Trust Aim to :

Provide timely, specialised veterinary care to injured urban wild animals, rehabilitate them, and then release them into their natural or adoptive habitats.

Develop a practise that employs better wildlife care techniques, engaging specialists and veterinarians from across the world. Create awareness, amongst citizens of all ages and backgrounds, about wildlife, and to instil a deep regard for their cohabitation needs and when to actively engage in their welfare, we educate about our local environment and how we can enrich and protect it.


Founded in 2012 by S Sugumar (EX – CRPF), later some like minded has joined “New World Animal Rescue”.

Over the years, we are the voices for voice less, we have been involved in various boundaries. The illegal slaughter of animals exploitation of various protected animals including loris, jackals and snakes.While the initial purview of the organisation was to create awareness on the rights and needs of animals, both domestic and wild, we then took a conscious decision to focus on the rescue and rehabilitation of injured or orphaned or displaced rural and urban wild wildlife. This sector was much needed in the present generation.

Our Founder And Trustees

New World Animal Rescue Charitable Trust was founded by Mr. S.Sugumar Ex – CRPF in the year 2013.

What made me to start Blue Cross!

My father was working in CRPF as Head constable posted in Nagaland, at the age of 17 I visited Nagaland to meet my father, i saw people killing and eat dogs for the first time in my life, I felt very pity for those poor animals by looking at the way they are tortured and killed, I was very enthusiastic to know the reason, i asked them reason for killing those animals. The response shocked me, "this is our culture, we eat these animals" This incident disturbed me a lot hence I could not continue my stay there and returned to my native as soon as i could. Then I decided to dedicate my time in taking care and protecting these animals. After few years i got appointed at Meghalaya as "Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)". Once i was travelling to my native during my vacation, I saw a monkey in a pathetic stage which was hit by vehicle, hundreds of people have noticed it but none of them came forward to rescue the monkey which was in very bad stage, I felt it’s time to step and help him to get cured, immediately I rushed to nearby hospital with him, I took entire responsibility of him until he got discharged from hospital paying bills from my own pocket, The satisfaction and the happiness of seeing him cured was unexplainable. That was the moment i realised, there are many people who can replace my position in CRPF, but there are very ample amount of people who seek interest on saving domestic and wild life animals. This thought became the reason to start an Animal rescue charitable trust “Blue Cross Organisation” along with my friends who had same interest. Now i spend my entire time for my passion to save domestic and wild animals and i feel it makes my life a meaningful one.

Our Trustees

Dr. J.DAVID SURESH M.V.Sc (surg)

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