What is Urban Wildlife?

The wide variety of non-domesticated species that we find in the parks, lakes, fields, roads, gardens and structures of the city, in our neighbouring forests, and on the untamed fringe lands of the city. Even the little birds in our balconies, the squirrels in our trees, the kites in our markets, and the snakes in our backyards are wild animals living amidst us.

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Child Volunteers

We encourage parents to bring in their children to volunteer with us. Children are important to the cause of animal welfare. Working with animal care breeds passion and empathy, opens their world view. The experience of being on campus, working alongside our animal care specialists and other volunteers builds confidence and character. Being a volunteer advocate - spreading the word for animal welfare and simply telling people what we do at the hospital is also a positive growing experience.

Child volunteering starts from age eight. Children (till age 18) are required to provide a letter of consent from their parent, guardian or school.

There is a volunteer registration fee. Identity cards are issued to all volunteers. The ID card does not authorize the holder to enter a restricted forest area, raise funds in the name of WAR(World Animal Rescue), and collect donations of any form in the organisation’s name.

To become a volunteer, write to info@bluecrossindia.org, support@bluecrossindia.org or call 04171 244888

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