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Our rehabilitation centre re-integrates displaced, injured and orphaned animals to their natural habitats through various behvioural, environmental and instinctive cues. Successful rehabilitation requires the concentrated efforts of veterinarians, animal ethologists and care givers at all levels.

Rehabilitation is an important aspect of successful treatment and release of animals in recovery. The objective of the process is to equip the animal with the ability to survive in the wild without the need of human aid. Since every animal is unique in response, the process of rehabilitation can therefore vary, based on species and condition. Some aspects we keep in mind most are:

  • Minimise human interaction and dependence
  • Build a diet plan akin to the naturally present
  • Enhance the natural instinct to search or hunt for food
  • Modify enclosures to simulate natural conditions as best as possible

In case of social creatures such as Bonnet Macaques, Parakeets and Barn Owls the primeval focus lies in socialising the animals with their own kind. These have to often be taught the types of food to eat. This is done by strictly adhering to the diet followed by the species in the wild.

Orphaned young ones and hand-raised animals are introduced to their kind. The individuals are kept in a group in a socialising unit where they relearn their natural instincts by bonding with other member of their species, as we taper down the human connect.

The rehabilitation process also depends on the severity of the injury, the recovery period and of the species behaviour. Snakes often require less rehabilitation time, while primates such as Bonnet Macaques have to be nurtured back to their natural instincts and behaviours carefully, as they tend to form a bond with humans.

The design of the enclosure also matters. On campus, we have a flight test aviary, reptile and primate treatment enclosures, snake treatment boxes, peacock and water bird enclosures, spacious curated habitats for small mammals, and more.

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